We are strong proponents of education's transformational potential. By means of educational programs, vocational training, and scholarships, we hope to provide the young with the means to create a better future.
he main goals of our healthcare initiatives are to give underprivileged people in society access to basic medical services, organize health camps, and raise awareness of preventative healthcare practices.
To promote sustainable development, protect the environment, and support regional craftsmen and business owners, we actively participate in community-driven projects.
To uplift women, create livelihood opportunities, and promote inclusive growth, our society hosts workshops, skill-building sessions, and empowerment programs.
During times of disaster, we come together to offer prompt support and relief to individuals impacted, assisting in the reconstruction of lives and communities.
The Kothamangalam Charitable Society is open to volunteers, contributors, and supporters who share our goal of making the world a better place for everyone. When we work together, we can significantly improve the lives of others who are less fortunate.